Treasury Management

Keep your finger on the pulse of your cash flow.

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Know where your cash is going

When you run a business, your cash flows in and out from several directions. It can be hard to manage and keep track of, but we can help. Our treasury management products keep your finger on the pulse of your cash flow.

Merchant capture scanner

Our merchant capture scanner lets you deposit checks electronically from your desk. It will create and send a file to the bank to be deposited electronically and credited to your account.

  • Extend your processing day and reduce float time for collected balances
  • Use one bank for all deposits, regardless of location
  • Make your deposits without ever leaving your office

Cash management online banking

  • ACH Credit and Debit origination—provide direct deposit payroll to employees, pay vendors, or collect fees from your customers
  • Wire Transfer Requests—send wire requests directly to the bank via online banking
  • Dual Control—use this feature with ACH origination and wire transfers for increased security
  • NACHA Import of ACH batches—import your ACH batches directly from your accounting software
  • Balance Reporting—create balance reports with current and prior day information
  • Positive Pay—monitor checks clearing your account with this fraud prevention product
  • Secure File Transfer—send sensitive information to the bank via encrypted email

Sweep products

Our Sweep products, including Multiple Cash Management Sweeps and Line of Credit Sweeps, help maximize your earnings and minimize your interest expense.

Detailed account analysis

Texana’s Account Analysis combines all non-interest bearing balances to be used to offset potential service charges on a monthly basis. A detailed monthly analysis statement includes transactions processed and average balance levels.

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