Shred It

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Shred Fest

April is Keep America Beautiful Month. In efforts to help Texana Bank is hosting a community Shred Fest. This is our way to give back to the environment.

  • Event Dates and Times
    • Linden: April 24 3p-6p
    • Longview (Gilmer Rd only): April 24 3p-6p
    • Texarkana: April 24 12p – 3p
  • Available to Customers and Non Customers
  • LIMIT – 5 boxes
  • No appointment needed
  • Community Shreds are encouraged for residential community, not local businesses.
  • Shred- it will destroy the documents on-site

Must have information for Participants :

  • You DO NOT have to remove staples, paper clips, binder clips or manila folders.
  • REMOVE all paper from binders.
  • NO binders, cardboard, plastics, hard drives, computer discs or floppies.

Commonly asked questions from Community Shred participants

  • Where does the paper go?
    All the paper is shredded on-site in the trucks, then taken to Shred-its facility right here in Arkansas. The paper is then baled and loaded onto a trailer where it is taken to a recycling plant. All paper stays in the U.S.A. and comes back in the form of paper plates, paper towels, paper napkins.

  • Can I stay and watch my paper being shred?
    Yes. We would like to keep the cars moving along, and 95% of cars do, but occasionally a driver will ask to park and watch their material being shred. Just ask them to pull over (usually there is a space just in front of the truck), and they can come over to the truck and watch.

  • Can I trust Shred-it?
    Yes. Shred-it is NAID certified, and is one of the largest shredding companies in the world. Shred-it Arkansas has received the President’s Award – Global - as the best Shred-it Franchise.

  • Can I get a receipt?
    People very rarely ask for this, but just in case the driver will have some additional invoices in his truck. The volunteer will then have to write the amount of material shred, as well as the date and time.