Online Banking & Cash Management

We offer both individual and commercial banking.

Online Banking and Cash Management

Our Basic Online Service is a free service and allows you access to:

  • View real-time balances and transactions, including images, on all your accounts, including loans
  • Transfer funds – Initiate one time only and recurring transfers to any of your available accounts, including loans
  • Stop Payments
  • Create personal email reminders and alerts
  • View and print your monthly bank statement
  • Reconcile your accounts and generate reconciliation reports on one accounts or a combination of accounts.
  • Download your account activity to personal accounting software such as Quicken® or Microsoft Money®.

Manage your money effectively by upgrading your Basic Online Service to our Cash Management Online service. This service allows you access to:

*ACH Credit and Debit Origination – This service is useful for businesses that want to offer Direct Deposit to their employees as well as paying bills automatically (Auto Debit or Direct Payment). This service also allows customers to submit EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System) batches to pay federal taxes by direct deposit. A Dual Control approval system is available among users to enhance security.

*NACHA Import – This service allows a business to import a NACHA formatted file to the bank to submit ACH Debits and Credits.

*Balance Reporting – Balance Reporting allows customers to create balance reports on individual accounts or any combination of accounts. Reports can be created for the current day, for a prior day, or for the current and prior day. This service also includes a "Quick Balance" report that provides the latest and available balances.

*Positive Pay – Positive Pay allows customer to monitor checks clearing their accounts to prevent check fraud. The system can quickly identify any fraudulent transactions by comparing an "issued" check/payment file with the "processed" check/payment file and notifying the bank of any exceptions that need to be handled.

*Secure File Transfer – A Secure File Transfer is an encrypted file of case sensitive information that a commercial customer can send to the bank via encrypted email.

*Wire Transfer Requests – This service allows the customer to send Wire Transfer Requests directly to the bank via online banking. A Dual Control approval system is available among users to enhance security.